Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence services provided by Febyte Corp. aid a business in taking existing data and modeling it to provide insight into a company’s operations. 

How We Help Executives     How We Help Employees

Business Intelligence for Executives

An Executive would rely on Business Intelligence to obtain a high-level overview of their company’s operations.

Typically, executives are interested in metrics that can measure the performance of particular business units and departments over time. These can include anything from the amount of operating profit to how much time it is taking the department to process work. 

Business Intelligence for Executives

Business Intelligence for Employees

Employees are typically concerned with tools that can help them perform their work more effectively and efficiently.

Employees in supply-chain scenarios typically must work with many different types of documents to perform their work and this can be a tedious process in some ERP systems. Employees must work within the limitations of ERP software, and this usually involves using the software in a way that it was not intended, resulting in a process that requires additional work to undertake. We work with employees to fully understand their processes and develop solutions that incorporate them. 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Febyte Corp. develops ERP software companies can use to conduct operations. ERP can be used in conjunction with BI where ERP is used to enter data and BI is used to measure it.

Processes that involve different types of document typically require running one or more reports in ERP software and then assembling them into their final form. This usually involves taking several Excel spreadsheets and manually manipulating the data. Sometimes this process can take hours, as it must be performed repeatedly to obtain the desired information. We create reports that directly obtain the desired result. 

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