Leading IT service providers provide quarterly business reviews (QBRs) to help businesses optimize technology and plan for future IT needs. Learn more about this powerful instrument.

Businesses have various viewpoints on technology. Some people believe that the cost of technology is manageable. Others may be ambivalent, frustrated, or excited depending on the technology. These attitudes are widespread for good reason. Most people can relate to over budget technology projects, inefficient systems, and ransomware attacks that cause stress and anxiety.

Technology is successful when it is viewed as an enabler and a tool for increasing productivity. The cost savings and increased productivity will not be recognized if it is viewed as a business expense. To achieve the goal, use disciplined technology planning. QBRs are beneficial.

Understanding the Purpose of a QBR

During a QBR, you and your tech advisors assess your technology and plan for the future. This is the time to address general business support needs while staying true to the goal. One QBR should lead to the next as part of an ongoing conversation and plan.

QBR topics include innovative application, tools, current technological flaws, changes in staffing and workflow processes, and security procedures and compliance rules.

Many of these issues are beyond the scope of a simple phone call or email to the Service Desk. Because these issues may not have simple or universal solutions, a QBR is an effective way to address them directly.

Making the Most Out of a QBR

Managed service providers (MSPs) strive to make planning and decision-making easier, but are not generally known to accomplish everything. They are, after all, simply IT experts. Managers are those who know the business best.

Appoint one or two technology advocates to help you get the most out of your QBR. These individuals do not need to be technology experts, but they must understand the importance of technology today.

Your champions should bring specific information to the QBR table about these obstacles, business successes and failures, and business changes. This business intelligence can help your company’s business experts communicate more effectively.

Accomplishing a Thorough QBR

For organizations that have never worked with a managed service provider (MSP) or are just getting started with technology management, QBRs can be intimidating or perplexing.

QBRs necessitate open and consistent communication. Even the best engineers and consultants in the world cannot achieve their clients’ goals without a long-term relationship. Make yourself available. It is understandable to be unfamiliar with a technological concept or to have MSP questions. Uncertainties are beneficial to the process, so dealing with them is part of the strategy.

If you are unfamiliar with QBRs, you may be concerned. Systems that lack consistent management and planning have large-scale issues that must be addressed before broader strategic initiatives can be implemented. Problem-solving presents challenges to technology management. Employees can navigate challenges more quickly and efficiently with the help of QBRs.


You may believe that your technology is in good working order because you have not encountered any problems. You could be in good health or have not recently experienced a security breach. Effective technology management, like exercise, necessitates regular review, discussion, and planning. It does not have to be expensive or complicated, but it must be reviewed on a regular basis.

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