To ensure your firm’s profitability and smooth functioning, you must constantly be prepared for an auditing authority’s scheduled or unexpected visit. Internal audits are also necessary to guarantee that everything is in order and hold personnel accountable. 

This post will describe a few warning indicators that your company will not do well in an impending audit and what you can do to turn the situation around.

Read on to know if your organization is not audit-ready and where you can get IT support in New York. 

Which Compliance Risks Should You Be Concerned About?

On-the-Job Mistakes and Accidents Are Common

Employee safety is a topic on which auditors are likely to stress, as it frequently reveals significant flaws that deserve heavy fines. Even while human error is to blame for most workplace mishaps, this usually indicates a lack of compliance training on your part or tough working conditions.

Employees who are overworked and hurrying to achieve unrealistic targets are more likely to make mistakes that cost money in compensation, resulting in lost workdays and reducing overall productivity. If on-the-job accidents are frequent in your workplace, consider reviewing your safety compliance training before your next audit.

Managers and Their Teams Don’t Communicate Well

Another reason why firms frequently perform poorly in audits is that managers, even if they have the greatest of intentions, have little or no knowledge of what is going on with their staff. A team without a clear leader lacks organization, vision, and efficiency.

Ensure that managers are actively involved in their team’s learning development if you want to succeed in your next audit. Provide administrators and managers with tools to track each team member’s progress, learning history, gaps, and goals.

Leaders will also be able to send out notifications to their teams regarding new courses that have become available, forthcoming or missed deadlines, and certification completions. Employees are informed about training requirements and encouraged to remain compliant in this manner.

Weak Documentation

During audits, firms frequently struggle to submit documents demonstrating that their compliance certificates are current. Poor tracking of your employees’ adherence to organizational compliance can result in penalties for missed deadlines and reduce your organization’s general efficiency. 

Learning management solutions can help you feel more confident about your next audit by allowing you to track each learner’s online training activities. LMSs can automatically reassign certifications after they expire by keeping track of when each course was completed. Because of this, you can be definite that your organization is always compliant and audit-ready.

Low Certification Completion Rates

When it comes to monitoring employee performance, most companies see a pattern of irregularity. For example, not all staff have received the same training, and some policies do not appear to be followed despite being covered in training. You may also observe that the completion rates for several certificates are low. 

When it comes time for your audit, this will not go well. Auditors evaluate your ability to provide training to your complete workforce in a timely and consistent manner. Give staff specific timelines and hold them accountable for their skill and knowledge growth to encourage them to achieve certifications.

Policy Violations

In an organization, policy infractions can take numerous forms and have varying severity. They can range from minor insubordination to a more significant violation of the company’s security policy.

When an employee, for example, opens a phishing email attachment, confidential papers and data are leaked at a high cost. A slew of lawsuits for misusing data protection will hurt your audit results.

Employees who ignore or don’t know how to apply corporate policies are the most common causes of policy infractions. Verify that compliance training activities are repeated regularly and in a realistic manner that allows staff to apply what they’ve learned.


Audits may make or break a company, and it’s not always clear what you can do to get a good grade. The items outlined above indicate that your company will likely fail an impending audit. Use the tips to determine what modifications you’ll need to make to improve your company’s efficiency and compliance. You can also seek custom web solutions and IT support to help you out. 

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