The importance of clear decision-making for a business to succeed cannot be understated. The last five years have seen a dramatic rise in the interest in “decision intelligence” and its applications. Based on decision science, “decision intelligence” is set to change the entire world of business, its processes, and its core functionality with better decision-making at all levels.

How Decision Intelligence Can Help

You can use decision intelligence to make better decisions across the organization and increase your business intelligence for better decision-making. Here’s how:

Augment decision-making experiences

With decision intelligence, your business can move beyond the existing approaches of traditional decision-making and bring about a smarter and more predictive approach. Decision intelligence makes your business aware of the conditions and factors that influence certain decisions and how you could make better decisions for your business and employees. It brings together decision science, behavioral economics, and data analytics to create new models that truly understand how people make decisions.

Support business leaders as they expand data literacy

As a growing number of business leaders are pushing to improve their business intelligence, they often find that data literacy isn’t enough. Decision intelligence is the solution to this business intelligence gap. It helps your business empower employees with data literacy and decision intelligence to make better decisions for your business and its employees.

Identify new use cases

With decision intelligence, businesses can understand how decisions will likely change in the future and evaluate how to best adapt to those changes. This can help businesses in building strategies and products that best suit their customers and employees.

For instance, if you’re a retailer and you can understand your customer’s social-media behavior, you can also do a better job of predicting their shopping behavior, which will give you a better understanding of what products to stock in your store.

The Future of Decision Intelligence

Decision intelligence will soon become the new normal for businesses across the world, and it will play an important role in defining the organizations that will succeed in the future. The process of decision-making will be a completely new, exciting, and deep-learning experience.

Decision intelligence is still at a nascent stage, with organizations using it to improve key decisions such as customer acquisition and sales. However, as the technology becomes more widely adopted and as decision intelligence platforms become more sophisticated, it will soon be possible to use it for more than just a few key decisions. It will be used to make decisions about business strategy, talent management, customer experience, and more.

The future of decision intelligence lies in building robust models that can accurately predict decisions and behavior. Decision intelligence will be a vital part of every business’s day-to-day operations in the coming years.

The Bottomline

“Decision intelligence” is rapidly becoming one of the most important business intelligence trends today and a major focus for many businesses. It is helping companies look beyond the traditional way of decision-making by putting greater emphasis on critical thinking and behavioral economics and less emphasis on data analytics.

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