Business intelligence software provides a framework for collecting, analyzing, and reporting business data to make informed decisions. The software itself is designed to handle complex, multidimensional data and make it understandable for decision-makers. This can be for general data inquiry or more specific and actionable intelligence.

Why You Need Business Intelligence Software 

Many companies collect data on a wide variety of topics, but that data is not always easy to use or interpret, which can lead to missing out on crucial information. Business intelligence software can help to make sense of the information and provide a way to take actionable steps based on the data collected.

Functions to Look for in Business Intelligence Software

Business intelligence software comes with various features, depending on the size and scope of a company’s needs. It can provide data visualization using charts and graphs that will allow you to discover trends and patterns to help with decision-making. 

Here’s a list of useful functions to look for in business intelligence software to have a better time running your business:

1. Data Visualization

Data visualization is a method of presenting data in an easy-to-understand format through charts and graphs. It can be helpful to visualize data points to identify trends, patterns, and outliers.

2. Data Management

Data management is the ability to gather, organize, and store data in a centralized location. This allows you to import data from different sources and make it easier to sync multiple devices through the software.

3. Data Analytics

Analytics is understanding data and performing calculations on it to find trends and insights. It includes aggregating data and excluding specific data points or categories.

4. Dashboards or Management Tools

Dashboards allow you to see data gathered on one or more topics in the form of a visual report. It may also provide interactive tools to help you make decisions based on the given information. Business intelligence software can also come with management tools that you can use to track and manage the gathered data.

5. Reporting

Reporting involves producing reports about certain information and providing outputs for use in other programs, such as spreadsheets. It can help to present a central location for reporting and analysis and allow for the distribution of information to multiple teams.

6. Forecasting

Forecasting is an advanced task you can accomplish by employing a business intelligence software. It is the ability to use historical data to predict future events. This is helpful for various business functions, such as inventory management and staffing.


Business intelligence software can be powerful and valuable, but it is crucial to understand how it works before anything else. It will also help to determine where it fits into your company’s needs. Ultimately, it can be an important tool for improving various business functions. 

When deciding whether or not to purchase business intelligence software, it is essential to consider your current business needs and how they fit into your company’s larger goals. That way, you can look toward the future and guarantee you attain your goals with the help of a reliable business intelligence software.

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