COVID-19 has transformed the business world in so many ways, and one of them is forcing so many companies to take security much more securely. For instance, with remote work being on the rise, businesses need to invest in security solutions to keep their networks and workers secure despite working at home or anywhere else. As one might realize, this is a more significant challenge than it might sound.

So, how else does the pandemic affect your business’ security? Here are a few examples:

How Cybercriminals are Making the Most out of COVID-19 on Businesses

Cybercriminals have used the devastating effects of COVID-19 to their advantage, using it as a platform to carry out their attacks. Here are some specific examples:

  1. The Problem with Remote Work

After COVID-19 came along, businesses were forced to find ways to deal with a new phenomenon: remote work. In fact, remote work has changed the way most businesses operate and how they deal with their employees. Unfortunately, this has created two problems.

First, it has allowed cybercriminals to effectively steal from remote workers and their companies and access sensitive information. With less than ideal security solutions found in homes and other locations that aren’t the business’ offices, hackers have a much easier time accessing sensitive information through the worker’s device. And second, it has provided hackers with a single, convenient target.

  1. The Problem with Corporate Networks

Another significant issue is one that also came with the “remote work” trend: corporate networks. Even as a business’ security protocols are becoming increasingly tight, hackers are finding it easier to penetrate their networks. This is due to the poor state of corporate networks, which most often have limited security, despite companies investing heavily in cybersecurity solutions. Plus, with the expansion of such networks, one is effectively opening more doors to allow cybercriminals to attack the companies.

Overall, while vital to the operation of any company, corporate networks are always at risk of being attacked and penetrated. As such, careful investment and use of cybersecurity solutions is a must if a company doesn’t want to fall victim to a cybercriminal.

  1. The Problem with Workers

Lastly, while these issues are more associated with some companies than others, the problem with workers still stands. Many workers are aware of the threats present today, but many don’t take the necessary precautions to stay safe. 

In other words, despite knowing what threats exist online and even offline, workers have become lenient and careless about how they apply digital security. This unnecessarily puts them and the company at risk of cyberattacks, some of which can end with serious consequences.


The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic shouldn’t be underestimated. While it has brought about some good, like the increased awareness for cybersecurity, it has also made it possible for hackers to carry out malicious attacks much more easily. Therefore, cyber security is more important than ever before, and companies should invest in the best security solutions they can afford. So, have you yet to invest in good security solutions to keep your company safe? Do so today!

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