The pressures on the modern IT department are greater than ever before. The range and volume of tech on the market have increased exponentially, and correspondingly, the demands for greater expertise have grown. Likewise, businesses today rely more heavily on technology, and potential security threats are growing stronger and more aggressive, which calls for better and faster IT services. For businesses that don’t have a dedicated IT team or are struggling to form one, managed IT services are the way to move forward. Let’s discuss how managed IT has evolved into an essential type of service for businesses big and small.

IT Management: Inside The Business

In a small business, the manager may oversee IT tasks to keep things running smoothly. But as a small business grows, the demands placed on the manager increase. With several employees and increasingly complex IT tasks, the business owner must take a more proactive approach to IT management and delegate tasks to other employees.

A dedicated IT manager might be tasked with the following responsibilities:

  • Research and implement new technologies
  • Manage vendors for equipment and support
  • Train employees in the use of computer software and applications
  • Fix and repair computer hardware and software
  • Maintain computer and network security
  • Keep an inventory of computer hardware, software, and network equipment
  • Oversee the backup and disaster recovery of computer data and files
  • Manage projects for new IT initiatives

In larger businesses, multiple IT managers might be needed to handle the increased size of the organization. In these cases, each IT manager would be responsible for a different aspect of IT management, such as research and development, automation and innovation, security, and infrastructure and provisioning.

How Managed IT Services Comes Into Play

As a business grows, IT management can require a significant time investment. Allocating a dedicated employee to the task can free up the business owner to focus on other responsibilities, such as sales and marketing. What’s more, many small business owners don’t have the financial resources to hire a full-time IT expert.

Managed IT experts are independent contractors who are tasked with managing the IT needs of a business. These individuals are highly trained and have in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies. They work on behalf of the business with the goal of improving the efficiency and availability of the technology within the company.

Here’s what managed IT services offers a small business:

Technology Support – A managed IT service helps businesses with everything from installing new technologies to improving existing computer systems and removing malware. The company can rely on specialists to offer the best solutions in a timely manner.

Network Monitoring – A managed IT service offers 24/7 network monitoring, so the business doesn’t have to worry about potential security breaches.

Equipment Installation and Repairs – Small businesses can save money and time by outsourcing equipment installation and repair to a managed IT service.

Security – A managed IT service maintains a comprehensive security system in order to minimize the risk of data theft or damage.

Data Backup – A managed IT service regularly backs up the data stored on a company’s servers, so the business doesn’t have to worry about losing important information.

Expertise – Managed IT services are comprised of IT experts who will be able to make recommendations for the best technologies and solutions.

The Value of Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are a valuable investment for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses are quickly realizing that outsourcing IT management makes sense and saves money. Larger businesses enjoy the benefits of using managed IT services, including reduced expenses and the ability to stay focused on increasing the bottom line.

At the end of the day, it’s about efficiency and keeping the business running smoothly and profitably. A managed IT service can help small enterprises to do that, regardless of their size.


As the demand for IT professionals continues to rise, the need for managed IT services is greater than ever. Fortunately, managed IT services offer businesses of all shapes and sizes the ability to focus on their core competencies while offloading all other IT tasks to professionals.

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