DDoS assaults using ransomware are getting more widespread. Your company may not be an ideal target for DDoS assaults, but hackers are looking for companies that can afford to pay the ransom. If you own a small business, they may potentially target you. Consider the information presented above to ensure that you are prepared for a DDoS assault.

What are Ransomware DDoS Attacks?

Ransomware DDoS attacks involve hackers taking control of your computer, locking you out of your data, and then demanding a ransom to be paid to release the data. The hackers usually target large companies or websites with large amounts of data and can afford to pay the ransom.

Ransomware DDoS attacks are different from typical DDoS attacks because the goal is to take down your network rather than flood your network to overwhelm it. The disruptors usually seek only to render your website inaccessible.

How to Know If You’re Under a Ransomware DDoS Attack?

Ransomware DDoS attacks are generally easier to detect than your typical DDoS attacks. For one thing, the hacker usually forces you to contact him directly by email. Thus, you may receive emails from the hacker or a network or corporate service provider. You may also see unusual activity occurring on your website. The hackers will likely lock you out of your files and demand your password or payment. They may even send you a virus to your computer.

How to Respond if You are Under a Ransomware DDoS Attack

If you find yourself under a ransomware DDoS attack, you must first act quickly. You should contact your IT service provider immediately, who should be able to advise you of an appropriate course of action.

If you do decide to pay the ransom, you should make sure you keep a complete record of all correspondence, as you may be held liable if the hackers manage to access your data. If the hackers manage to access your data even after you pay the ransom, you may be able to hold them liable in court. If your data is encrypted, the hackers may have difficulty accessing it. The hackers typically target data that is in use rather than data at rest, so you should back up your data in a secure manner.

Generally, you should contact law enforcement when you are a victim of a DDoS attack. You should also contact your attorney to discuss your options under the law.

How to Prevent Further Attacks

When your business is hit with a DDoS attack, you should work with your IT service provider to prevent further attacks. They can assist you in making your network more secure. An easy way to prevent attacks is to ensure that your website is up-to-date and secure. It would help if you also had a backup plan in place if your network is hacked.


Ransomware DDoS attacks are becoming increasingly common. Your business may not be the ideal target for DDoS attacks, but hackers are targeting businesses that can afford to pay the ransom. They may also target you if you’re a small business. Consider the above information to ensure that you’re prepared for a DDoS attack.

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